Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Hobbs time and Tach time

Hobbs Time
The Hobbs clock is started and stopped based on an oil pressure switch. Therefore, it starts when the engine starts, and stops when the engine is shut-down. While it's running, it just ticks off a tenth of an hour every 6 minutes. Time while taxing same as cruising in Hobbs time meter.

Tach Time
The tach clock isn't really a clock at all, it doesn't measure time, it really measures engine revolutions. But it's calibrated such that a tenth of an hour of tach time is clicked off when the engine is at cruise RPM for 6 minutes. In other words, if the plane is at cruise RPM, the tach clock will be clicking off tenths of an hour at the same rate as the Hobbs clock, and the same as the watch on your wrist. But if the engine is idling at an RPM speed that's half of what cruise RPM is, then the tach clock will be running at half the speed of the Hobbs clock.

Relation - Tach vs Hobbs
So, for the tach clock, less "time" is clocked when the plane is idling on the ramp, or flying at low RPM. For short flights (where ramp idling time is a significant percentage of total time), and flights where you're doing a lot of pattern work (and thus operating at low RPM), tach time will be significantly less than Hobbs time.

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Rename the the file name in linux

One of my dir i had lot of ".xml.back" files and i really want to convert all the files into ".xml"!!  and end-up with this [1] statement.

find . -name "*.xml.back" -exec bash -c 'mv "$1" "$(sed "s/\.xml.back$/.xml/" <<< "$1")"' - '{}' \;