Thursday, January 28, 2016

Microservices Framework for Java By WSO2

Microservices Framework for Java implemented by WSO2 currently available for developer preview and very soon WSO2 will release the WSO2 Microservices Framework 1.0.0. Based on facts WSO2 Microservices Framework is lightweight high performance runtime implemented on Java for java developers who are looking for compressive framework.

WSO2 Microservice Framework code base is free and open source that available in WSO2 Github repository 

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Fail safe Mode in WSO2 ESB / WSO2 API manger

By default WSO2 ESB/APIM servers will start in fail Safe mode by ignoring the failure of artifacts. Server will rename the failed artifact with .back file and move forward with rest of the artifacts. However there are situation where you do not want to deploy the server even a single artifact fails, This is typical situation in micro services concept. 

By disabling the fail safe mode in WSO2 ESB/APIM, it is possible not to deploy all the services even a single artifacts get fails during the deployment.

Add failsafe.mode.enable=false in WSO2_HOME/repository/conf/