Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Adding or Deleting Android Virtual Device (AVD)

Most of you might have found some problem with AVD to manage!!
Once you configured the ADT into your eclipse you can find the two new button in the Eclipse’s Menu bar.

Click on the Button that indication the "AVD manger" Message!

In the AVD Manager you can create New AVD , delete the Existing AVD and so on....

Monday, May 14, 2012

Configuration of the Eclipse for Android Development

As I have informed to you in my previous blog,
We should have installed the Java SDK in order to configure your android development.

Installation of Android SDK

Download the Android SDK and start to install,
while you are installing the SDK you may encounter the steps as i have given in below screen shots.

Installation Step 1

after the SDK installation you can select the required API versions other than default packages in the Android SDK Manger wizard.

Android SDK Manger 

Installation of ADT for Eclipse 

Open your Eclipse IDE and go to help, where you can find a option "Install New Software" Option in the menu as shown in below image.

Install New Software in Eclipse
Click on "Add" Button

Add New Site/Type
Once you clicked the Add button, system will give above dialog box to insert the values,
where you can give the name as "ADT Plugin" and location as ""

Add Repository

Once you add the Repository, the IDE will indicate the available installations. where you can select the  Developer tool options.

Developer tool Options
Developer tool instillation 

Developer tool instillation

License Agreement 

Installing the software

SDK configuration
SDK configuration

Final Part of the SDK configuration