Friday, August 9, 2013

JMS Messagen Store and JMS Message Processor Behavior - WSO2 ESB - Part 3

So why did we meet the EVIL in the my last blog post? Why? yes that is the main reason behind this blog series!!

Now we have to take a deep breath before we dive into the WSO2 ESB and see why this has happened!!

If you carefully study the illustration shown in Figure 1, You will understand whats goes wrong ;)
Figure 1
Anyway, let me take some more time to explain little bit further.
Client sends message to Proxy. "Message Store" persist the message in the message store(JMS Queue). "Message Store" does not persist the message as it is in the JMS Queue. it serializes the message and other information into java serialized object and put it into JMS Queue.When "Message Processor" processes the message, it pulls Messages from JMS Queue and deserializes the java serialized object to further process.

So why did we encounter some exception and other problems in issue 1?
When Message Processor Pull the message from JMS Queue and try to deserialize, Deserilzation process fails since the fetched message is not Serialized by Message Store.

So is that possible to put message into Message Stores's "JMS Queue" ?? NO it is not possible!!!

So whats wrong with Issue 2?
Different JMS listener dose not know how to deserialize the message that fetched from JMS Queue(Message Store)!


Messages that are put into "JMS Queue" by "Message Store" are can be read only by "Message Processor" and "Message Processor" only capable of understanding the messages that are put by "Message Store".