Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Time to Introduce the Android Architecture

Well... if you ask me to explain about android architecture, I'll prefer that, please go through with “Dev guide”  (please go through with it and come and read it again so you can understand a lot! ;) )

Nevertheless, small brief induction about android on my own way!
mmmmm.......For me android is like a pizza! ;)

Pizza has base bread made by dove! Like that android’s core is Linux “version 2.6”, which manage the security issues, memory management, process management, network stack, and driver model.  Furthermore it takes the responsibility to hide the complexity of hardware and the rest of the software stack! 

Wow… may heard this old story during you OS lectures or when you read some other OS books.

Is that possible to eat only pizza baked dove?? Yes, it is possible... But it is not taste enough!
On top of the dove in pizza, we may taste some tomato or chili sauce!!! Like that Run time and some set off libraries are working as base binding in order provide more functionalities!

Well! Mozzarella cheese in pizza has big responsible to bind the toppings and Sauce with pizza bread! Similar to that, Android framework is intermediately working in-between applications and libraries and runtime engine,
Well everything is perfect right now and you can deliver the pizza... Then what about the consumer preference??? I mean toppings like chicken, bacon, mushroom, onion, tomato and etc!!! yeap… you are correct!!, as you think! each and everyone have their own unique taste of choice! 

Hence, android provide the facility to develop and run the application with users own taste of choosing the application for them… those applications are runs on top of the android framework!


Android System Architecture